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UMass Press

Sept – Dec 2018
  • Developed marketing ads and flyers for new releases using Adobe InDesign
  • Created character typesets, paragraph styles, and page styles using Scribe Database (ScML) through InDesign
  • Completed character counts for manuscripts
  • Researches miscellaneous artwork to discover which book it is from and who the author is, in order to return the art
  • Compiled information, such as page count, images, figures, table/charts, etc., for recently acquired books and art return books

The Overlook Press

June – August 2018
  • Read manuscripts and created comprehensive reader reports that compiled of a summary, comparable titles, marketability, detailed analysis, and my overall suggestion to the Overlook editors
  • Proofread, copy edited, typeset pages, and edited book jackets and endnotes according to Chicago Manual of Style
  • Researched possible book blurbers, explored comp titles, found categories using BISAC codes, and updated metadata on ONIX for upcoming and recent releases
  • Scrutinized previously published culinary texts to see how measurements, numerals, and temperatures were written to give a comprehensive style format for future food books
  • Checked older titles on Amazon and looked for errors regarding page count, cover, description, contributors, series order, and price based on printed copies
  • Used the Edelweiss program to find ISBM numbers related to upcoming and new releases
  • Provided reception coverage, such as answering phones, greeting guests, and taking messages

BookEnds Literary Agency

June – August 2016
  • Summarized and analyzed manuscripts for agent review, created detailed reader reports, reviewed author contracts, processed royalty statements, and collaborated with agents on second reads
  • Developed sharp editorial and analytical skills, with thorough and efficient proofreading abilities
  • Juggled multiple manuscripts at once and effectively prioritized when each should be completed
  • Researched publishing houses, recent deals, industry updates, and new hires
  • Actively participated in weekly meetings which discussed new clients, deals, and company goals
  • Provided dynamic feedback on manuscripts to accept, and why, when they were brought to everyone’s attention
  • Gave comprehensive view of what the teen target market is interested in reading
  • Completed administrative tasks: filed, issued royalties, organized, and re-shelved bookshelf
  • Wrote blog post about time and experience at BookEnds: