I am a first generation Italian-American currently pursuing a career in publishing. I’ll graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in May 2019, with a Bachelor of Arts in English (with a specialization in The Study and Practice of Writing) and a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

I have always loved to read since a young age, and English was always my favorite subject. My high school English teacher was the first person to direct me towards publishing as a career. After researching and falling in love with the industry, working in publishing seems like the most obvious career path for me. It also allows me to interact with people who also share my passion for literature. And who wouldn’t want to read books all day for work?

Past Experience:

I’ve had two past internships within publishing, and am currently working in another. My first internship was with a publishing agency, BookEnds Literary Agency, and my second was as an editorial intern at a publishing house, Overlook Press. I am currently working as production intern at the University of Massachusetts Press. To hear more about my experience, click here or check out my “Publishing Experience” tab! My resume is also available under “Publishing Experience” tab.


Growing up in an Italian-American household has greatly shaped my personality. Having immigrant parents has made me hardworking and determined, while being incredibly passionate about topics that interest me. I also benefit from this upbringing because itĀ involved speaking andĀ reading in Italian with my family. This has been incredibly useful for me, especially when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, during my Spring 2018 semester.

A photo I took of the Ponte Vecchio when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy.


Many people raise their eyebrows when they hear I am both an English and Hospitality major, yet I’ve always felt they work together seamlessly. While I will not be running a hotel or restaurant within the publishing industry, I will always be surrounded by people, and knowing how to be hospitable is incredibly important. It is impossible to be in publishing and not have to converse regularly with numerous different people every day.

Overall, I can see myself succeeding in this career, and I am eager to get started on my list of published books!


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